Instrument Review Manager

Client: Instrument         Role: UI/UX, Visual          Duration: Fall 2018

Instrument Review Manager

 Client: Instrument                                   Role: UI/UX, Visual                              Duration: Fall 2018



For this project, we were given the opportunity to work with the amazing design agency, Instrument. We were tasked to create an application that innovates the performance review process by creating a greater opportunity to empower one another. Throughout the project, I had the pleasure of working with Matt Lombardo and Zach Burdett.


 01 - Problem

Performance review season can be busy and overwhelming. In the current system, much time is spent preparing for reviews but this information is spread across multiple websites and applications.

02 - Goal

Compile all of this data into an intuitive application that allows Instrument leadership to keep track of the entire process and to help facilitate growth for their team.

03 - Interaction Flow


04 - Features



The news page is accessible from the login screen as well as the navigation bar once the user is logged in. It shows relevant news articles relating to the company, the design industry, and self-help articles. Not needing to log in to view, the user can return to this page throughout the year for updates.

quick schedule


Shows events and deadlines for the upcoming two weeks. Allows the user to quickly check what is coming without going into a full schedule.

tasks and team



Tasks show an actionable list of things that need to be done. Team shows where the users team is on completing all their reviews and assessments.

updates and reviews


Updates announce when a team member has completed an item and when it was completed. Reviews give a prioritized list of peer reviews to be written.



The checklist shows in-depth information about which reviews have been completed and information about their performance review.

05 - Prototype

06 - Advertising

In addition to creating an intuitive application system, we were challenged to create an advertisement that reminds and encourages employees to complete their reviews. We designed a set of three entertaining yet effective posters that could be put up around the office to be a reminder for staff.

postermockup 2

07 - Summary

It is not easy keeping track of a team’s projects, let alone during internal reviews. The review process seems simple but is fairly complicated. This app will simplify the role of a leader during the review process by managing all aspects of internal reviews within one place, thus making planning more efficient.

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