Client: Senior Capstone Project          Role: UI/UX, Motion, Visual, Concept          Duration: Spring 2019


 Client: Senior Project                            Role: UI/UX, Motion, Visual, Concept         Duration: Spring 2019

Award: 2019 Adobe Design Achievement Award - Top Talent


 Client: Senior Project                            Role: UI/UX, Motion, Visual, Concept         Duration: Spring 2019

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Dröm was a semester-long senior capstone project. I  had the pleasure of working with Grant Adams, Matt Lombardo, John Martel, Cathryne Szczepanik, Ben Thorn, and Maria White. Together we were five designers and two developers. Dröm debuted at Imagine RIT on April 27, 2019.


Throughout the course of this project, some of my responsibilities included creating the main visuals along with animating the gameplay. I also created assets for our social media accounts. You can find us @drom.rit on Instagram or @nmtpDrom on Facebook.

 01 - Prompt

How can we spark interest in music in children to inspire the musicians of tomorrow?

 02 - Concept

Drom is a collaborative musical experience that seeks to instill a sense of rhythm in players. These players will be interacting with instruments that you could find in your home or even make yourself.

03 - Mockups

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Artboard 1 copy 3
How to Play
Artboard 16 copy

* This was the final leaderboard at Imagine RIT. 

04 - Prototype

05 - Exhibit Video

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